On January 17, MAIN STREET MARKET is preparing VEGAN THAI CURRIES just for us! Which curry will you choose?

signage_red_curry signage_ylw_curry
(Princess Street United Church Hall at 484 Princess Street)

12 p.m., January 17, 2016

They’re prepping 25 dishes: RSVPs not required, but appreciated…

Fight the chill of winter with delicious vegan curry!

ALL-VEGAN multi-course harvest dinner at the Sleepless Goat Oct. 16!

On OCTOBER 16, the Sleepless Goat is having its first-ever annual Harvest Dinner! This is a VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE event; a multi-course meal specially made by the Goat and focusing on seasonal foods and hearty dishes. If Kingston shows its support for this kind of venture, who knows what it could lead to? Tickets are $35 a head, but only $30 each if you buy for a group of two or more. Let’s sell this out! Encouraging local businesses and showing them vegans are good business only makes it better for us, and for local variety in our restaurants and choices.


Valentines…Pfft…. The KVN spreads love to those who really need it.

What do we want?!  NO FUR! When do we want it?! NOW!!!!!

What do we want?!
When do we want it?!

February 14th to some may be the day to shower their loved ones with heart shaped boxes of chocolates, cards and flowers, and other tokens of a persons love and appreciation.
But for some of us it’s a day to show our love for the animals.
February 14th is National anti-Fur Day.
And as it is such, Kingston Vegetarian Network and allies suited up in their warmest synthetic winter clothes and wore their hearts on their sleeves for the animals once again.
Many of the KVN and friends struggled through blowing winds, terrifying driving conditions and uber cold temperatures to join together and March from Confederation Park, up Ontario St on to and up Princess St Then back down again.
No cold weather or insufferable conditions would keep us down.
We can’t rest comfortably until the animals can.

Our turn out was great for such a horrible day weather wise. There was about 30(+) people come out to support (Educating about the horrid conditions animals are treated and kept in to obtain their furs/feathers and advocating the stopping of these barbaric practices) the cause and try to spread the message of compassion for our furry friends.

We had megaphones! We had chants! We had pamphlets and literature! We had our hearts in the right place! We also had positive media coverage from CKWS and The Kingston Whig Standard. Which is always nice.

We also had to cringe when about 6 out of every 10 people we passed was wearing Canada Gross coats. This is the reason we do this. To help those fur clad individuals make the much needed connection to what it is they are wearing, or should I say ‘who’ they are wearing.

All in all it was a great event. Very positive and hopefully for some, very impacting.

After the march was all said and done, we retired to the Duke on Wellington to partake in some vegan fare and much needed beer to warm ourselves.

It is my hope that next year we do just as well in volume of participants and perhaps reach more people.. We encourage you to join us On our next National Anti-Fur march February 14th, 2016.


– Star  ^_^