Last of the summer strawberries… my first strawberry pie!

Long story short, I lost a bet. So I had to make a pie for somebody. My wife being at VegFest in Toronto, and me trolling the Kingston Market for good ingredients, I came across Bargain Strawberries — some of the summer’s last. So I set to work.

The pie crust is from Vegan Pie in the Sky, and it’s a cheap book that you should buy, so no recipe for you.


From Vegan Pie in the Sky. Buy a copy!

But I’ll confess that when I was casting around for filling recipes that just used straight strawberries — Pie in the Sky being good and all sorts of fancy-type pies but not so hot on simple fruit pies — the one that fit the bill, with zero animal ingredients and pretty much no weirdness — came from Pillsbury.

Prepping the strawberries was just straight-up washing, slicing and topping…


Six cups took about 20 minutes to prep. No snacking!

…but the corn starch on the stove stuff? Man, that’s chemistry. Nervewracking, and not really my bag, and as I stirred I had all sorts of paranoid-ass thoughts. Am I overdoing it? Underdoing it? Am I not just effectively making &^%$ napalm? Am I going to spill this all over my face somehow and live the rest of my life as Darkman, but uncool face-scarred Darkman without the cool mask technology and super-strength?


Liquid death. Terrifying!

I somehow survived, and assembled the pie. The dough recipe made enough for a top and bottom, but lacking the confidence to try to go full-circle-top, I always punk out and cut strips, then lattice. The good news of this method is that it gives me leftover strips that I can cinnamon-and-sugar and bake into kick-ass piecrust strips… they’re on the foil at the left.



Shortly thereafter, LOOK AT THIS BAD BOY.

Wotta pie!

And you’ll never guess what… the guy who won the pie, in the bet?

Never called.

I ate the pie with my wife after waiting a respectful two days.

So I guess I’m in karmic pie debt, but I don’t care. It was a good pie. It was a great pie. Thanks, Vegan Pie in the Sky. Thanks, Pillsbury. Thanks, summer.

– Matt (we don’t have a user ID for me yet!)

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