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Kingston Vegan Directory 2017


If you have a restaurant, shop or service with great vegan or vegetarian stuff to offer, don’t be shy! E-mail us at with the skinny and we’ll share it with Kingston’s growing vegan and vegetarian population!

Check out this Reddit thread on vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Kingston.

Submitted by the Brass Pub

  • Their gluten-free fryer is only used and specifically for French Fries/home fries (made in vegetable oil); they cut their own in house as well.
  • Veggie-friendly foods including a Black bean burger with a roasted red pepper mayo and aioli made in-house; Spinach and Artichoke Dip made in house; Orange Pesto vinaigrette is nut free but does have Parmesan for the house salad; Soups that are 99% vegetarian (occasionally there’s a potato-bacon, but almost always); and a grilled veggie wrap with a balsamic glaze and feta.
  • Coming soon: bruschetta flatbread with pesto and balsamic glaze, and on weekends, egg-white vegetarian omelettes and home-made waffles!